• Sep 08 2022

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    Thoughtful Memorial Ideas to Honor Your Pets

    This Sunday marks Pet Memorial Day, a day to remember and celebrate all the pets we hold in our hearts. Pets bring joy, laughter, and unconditional love to our lives. They become members of our family…

  • Sep 01 2022

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    Ginger Cats: What makes them unique is beyond coat-deep

    For ages, people have claimed that a cat’s appearance and behavior depend on its breed. But how helpful is this considering that 98% of cats aren’t purebred but rather an amalgamation of several…

  • Aug 25 2022

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    Monkeypox and Pets

    It’s all over the news: the monkeypox virus is transmissible to animals and causes similar symptoms, like skin rashes and lesions, as it does in humans. Now, pet owners are wondering what they can…

  • Aug 11 2022

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    Immunization: The Core of Your Pet’s Preventive Healthcare

    Immunizations, or vaccines, are one of the greatest medical discoveries – they fundamentally changed modern medicine. Starting with the smallpox vaccine in the 18th century, vaccines continue to be…

  • Aug 04 2022

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    Dogust 4th is International Assistance Dog Day!

    Dogust (a.k.a. August) 4th marks International Assistance Dog Day – a day to recognize assistance dogs and their dedicated caregivers and trainers, and to help educate the public about the…

  • Jul 28 2022

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    Could Your Pet Be a Life-Saving Hero?

    Yohann, a three-legged rescue greyhound from Scotland, was recently recognized for saving the lives of 64 dogs. He doesn’t have any superpowers—he is a blood donor. Pets, like people, may require…

  • Jul 21 2022

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    Blue-Green Algae: Danger Lurking in the Water

    It’s HOT out! Heat waves seem like the best time to take the pooch to a pond, lake, river, or stream, where she can get some exercise while staying cool and hydrated. Ironically, it may be the worst…